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Lookup Classes Offered at My High School and Required Textbooks

Please select your school from the list below to view classes offered at your high school. You will find a list of courses offered at your high school. To view the required textbooks that are an additional cost for each course, click on the book icon. To register for a class, write down the course’s 4-digit CRN and go to Badger Web. Login and click the registration tab. Then click the add/drop classes link. Enter the 4-digit CRN and click submit. If you get a “web registered” alert you are registered for the class. “Closed section” means the class is full and no seats are available. Any other warning please submit a “Registration” Support Ticket help in MyCE. Please Note: Hybrid courses always show zero open seats because students cannot enroll themselves through Badger Web. Students must meet with their counselor and submit an online Hybrid Class Request in order to enroll.